Debt Review and Process

Debt Review and Process


  1. Submit the online form
  2. Provide us with the following documents:
  • Your latest salary advice & your spouse’s salary advice/proof of income (if married in community of  property).
  • A copy of your identity document & spouse’s identity document (if married in community of property)
  • Your last 3 months bank statements and that of your spouse (if married in community of property).

      3. Make a single monthly payment via the nominated payment distribution agency.

Upon receipt of your debt review application, we will assess your application and notify all your creditors and the various credit bureaux that you have applied for debt review.

We will negotiate with your credit providers on your behalf to reduce your monthly instalments drastically by reducing your interest rates and service fees, ensuring that the amount you are paying is reasonable and within your means.

Within 30 days, Finesse Financial Solutions will provide you with a detailed debt repayment schedule reflecting when each debt will be repaid.

Once your creditors accept our proposals, we will apply to the National Consumer Tribunal for a Consent Order to be issued. In the unlikely event that a creditor rejects our proposal, the matter will be referred to the local Magistrate's Court for a Court Order to be issued.

You have the option to pay your creditors directly or through a single payment via the nominated payment distribution agent (PDA).

You are guaranteed protection as creditors cannot commence legal action as long as you adhere to the debt repayment agreement.

All fees are built into your renegotiation amount and repayment proposal and will not affect your cash flow in any way. Credit providers are aware that they will not receive payments for the first two months after date of application. This is in accordance with industry rules and will not impact adversely on your debt review application.

Once you have repaid all your debts, we will issue a clearance certificate and notify all credit bureaux accordingly. This will ensure that all reference to the debt review will be removed from the credit bureaux records.

Whilst under debt review, you cannot apply for more credit or incur any further debt.